Our Team

Our Management Team

Our management team has direct industry experience in teaching and learning.  We’ve taught in pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school classrooms.  We know the realities of the achievement gap firsthand.  We worked together for 14 years in an educational consulting company where we performed significant intervention alongside teachers and administrators in over 50 schools districts to implement instructional techniques that produced better reading outcomes for students as measured by national standards. Foundational research in early childhood development has discovered and reinforced that significant strides can be made by addressing the 6 fundamental building blocks of early literacy by parents of children ages 2-5.  This development allows the child to enter Kindergarten with a higher skill level in literacy; thus, paves the way for a higher learning trajectory (pathway) in all areas of their future formal education.  Over a 7-year period we tested these early childhood development techniques with parents of Pre-Kindergarten children in 15 school district communities.  Lehigh University’s Center for Promoting Research to Practice validated the exercises and activities included in Teach Me To Learn at Home® better prepared children for school.  The techniques have now been captured and applied in an expertly created, parent-focused, web-delivered program.  Teach Me To Learn at Home® can make a difference in a child’s educational development.