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Parent Involvement in Education

Parent InvolvementWe know from decades of research that when parents are involved, learning soars! Opportunities for involvement vary, from spending time volunteering in the school to regular communication between the parent and teacher about the progress of their child. Outreach to parents is especially important for low achieving students. The issue is not what to do but WHAT WORKS!

Sixty-four percent of the differences in achievement, when comparing the highest to the lowest scoring schools in subjects like math and science, are due to variables in the parental involvement activity, according to statistics from the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement. Like any skill, the more practice that occurs outside of lessons, the better a student will become. With students spending more time at home than at school, the hours outside the classroom are an essential time where parents should be encouraging and reinforcing concepts learned in the classroom.

After decades of research working with parents and teachers, Teach Me To Learn at Home® was created for that busy parent, guardian or care-giver and teacher. You know the parent, absolutely dedicated and interested in their child, but no time to come to an after school event. We make it easy and simple to use. One click from any internet connected device gets you straight to Teach Me To Learn at Home®. Available 24 hours a day on any computing device, parents can learn the “what” and “how” to teach their 2-5 year old child when logged into Teach Me To Learn at Home® anywhere and anytime. What a great benefit for that very busy Mom and Dad.

When parents and educators work together, children have limitless potential to achieve great things. Teach Me To Learn at Home® gives parents the skills to overcome these barriers at an early age to ensure reading success for their child. Our internet-delivered learning site empowers parents and families with the developmentally appropriate literacy activities to help their child develop their reading skills. 


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