My little guy was all about these $10 words.  I have also used the concept of $10 words with my 6th graders. I teach one class of 6th ELA and they are struggling learners. I challenged them to use $10 words in their writing. They seemed to enjoy it!

– Megan

Learn How to Be Your Child’s First Teacher – 2 to 5 yr. olds

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What is “Teach Me To Learn at Home®?”

Stage 5 Building Understanding Through Questions-Ear Lang RA_Loving-Family-46482607Teach Me To Learn at Home® is a internet-delivered learning site that serves as a guide to parents of children between the ages of 2-5. Through our tested methods, Teach Me To Learn at Home® gives parents a way of  developing their children and becoming their child’s first teacher.

Teach Me To Learn at Home® learning pathway is designed to help parents and guardians offer a literacy rich environment in their home. We take the best-of-the-best research and evidence in all areas of literacy to create a personalized learning path for parents and guardians of children aged 2-5. Learning in the home comes to life with “Teach Me To Learn at Home®.” You will have access to demonstrations, video clips, expert opinion and dialogue with other parents and researchers all in one easy click. It gives parents and guardians an experience to learn how to teach the best literacy practices to their own children right from home.

Why “Teach Me To Learn at Home®?”

MP900409107[1]Parents today are busier than ever, but they’re also more computer-savvy than ever. Teach Me To Learn at Home® empowers parents by giving them the online tools to help their child learn for the rigor required in school today. Many parents may be more eager or able to use online tools 24×7 anytime, anywhere then ever before.

As parents we know that we must provide as much as we can afford to give, so our child has their best chance at success in school. Benefits of investing in preschoolers’ literacy cannot possibly be overstated, especially when considered over an entire academic career and beyond.

How does it work and what does it cost?

Take_Away_Summarize_Using_$10_Words_Mother-And-Baby-7623911[1]Teach Me To Learn at Home® helps families understand how their child learns to identify letters, letter sounds and eventually read, and then provides a clear pathway for getting there. We surround the parent/guardian with useful materials, effective activities, video clips demonstrating each activity and spiraling conversations from experts. Teach Me To Learn at Home® empowers families by teaching parents and guardians HOW to engage their child in effective literacy activities at home. Contact your local school district and let them know you are interested in Teach Me To Learn at Home®. Many school districts are providing it to parents at no charge.

This program includes activities that will better prepare your child for school. It covers the 6 most critical elements to be prepared to learn how to read:



Print Awareness: Take a Look in a Book

Letter Recognition: Letters and Little Ones

Vocabulary Building: Little Ones, Big Words

Early Language Awareness: Talk it Up!

Phoneme Awareness: What’s That Sound?

Letter Sounds: A is for Apple