Get Started


Families register online.  If you are a member of a sponsored cohort through your local school district or early learning center, enter your membership code during registration.  If you are unaffiliated with an existing group, you can register yourself.


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Activate your membership and Login to enter the portal.  Use the username and password you set up in the registration process.

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Families learn about each foundational skill in a learning path.  Videos teach what to do and why it is important. These videos are short segments to explain new concepts. See an example.

View this sample for how to teach a new sound


Watch Others

You can watch model families try these techniques with their own children.  There are pop-up reminders and hints that appear to help you see how each technique is applied with children in authentic settings.

View this sample of a Mom teaching the sound /sh/ to her daughter


Try It Yourself

Once you understand the concept and you watch a sample from one of the model families, you can print step-step-step activities that willguide you to try this with your child.

Copy of SoundsinWords_C

View the sample activity to see the steps and materials that are included to help you teach a new sound to your child.



Connect with Others

The portal encourages families to stay connected. Our expert moderators facilitate discussion to answer questions and direct you. They post news, articles, and host online events to support all our families participating in this journey.

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