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Teach Me To Learn at Home® is an internet-delivered learning site that serves as a guide to parents of children between the ages of 2-5. Through our tested methods, Teach Me To Learn at Home® gives parents a way of  developing their children and becoming their child’s first teacher. Teach Me To Learn at Home® consists of six unique learning pathways that are specially targeted for each age group and skill level, each of which is filled with activities to prepare your child for the next part of their literacy journey – learning to read.

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Learning begins in the Home!

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Teach Me To Learn at Home® empowers parents and families with literacy activities so they can support their children’s reading and academic development at home. Teach Me To Learn at Home® delivers lessons and step-by-step videos for parents on how to develop basic reading skills with their child, including vocabulary building, letter recognition and sounds, phoneme awareness, early language awareness and conversational skills as early as age 2.

“Teach Me To Learn at Home® enables our families to strengthen their capacity as their child’s first teacher.  The online portal affords our families access to the knowledge, tools, and resources any time of day.  This gives them the ability to provide the instruction and support their child needs to enter pre-school and Kindergarten at a level playing field, equal to their peers.  By sponsoring families to use Teach Me To Learn at Home®, we can more effectively reach families and establish ourselves as the center of a learning community. ” – T.C. Chappalear, Assistant Superintendent at Indian Creek