Successful school programs always have a family involvement component.  A fundamental fact about kids and reading is that they have to practice. If there is no practice at home, the kids can fall behind.

– Louisa Moats, renowned reading literacy specialist and author of LETRS®

Learning begins in the Home!

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Teach Me To Learn at Home® is an internet-delivered learning site that serves as a guide to parents of children between the ages of 2-5. Through our tested methods, Teach Me To Learn at Home® gives parents a way of  developing their children and becoming their child’s first teacher.


Teach Me To Learn at Home® empowers parents and families with literacy activities so they can support their children’s reading and academic development at home. Teach Me To Learn at Home® delivers lessons and step-by-step videos for parents on how to develop basic reading skills with their child, including vocabulary building, letter recognition and sounds, phoneme awareness, early language awareness and conversational skills as early as age 2.

The Results are Clear: Family Literacy Training Works!

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Study conducted by Edward S. Shapiro, Ph.D. and Virginia R. Hampton, Ph.D., Center for Promoting Research to Practice, Lehigh University Technical Report # 2010-3, September 16, 2010

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To determine the effectiveness of the family sessions in improving their children’s literacy skills, comparisons were made between the Kindergarten literacy skills of students whose families participated in the program (the intervention group) and students whose families did not participate (the comparison group). The results suggest that the family sessions had a significant effect on improving key literacy skills for children. Moreover, these effects were demonstrated upon the children’s entry into Kindergarten, as well as later in the school year.

Program participants entered Kindergarten with higher skills in Letter Naming Fluency. Additionally, their performance in Nonsense Word Fluency, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, and Initial Sound Fluency continued to be significantly higher throughout the school year than that of students in the comparison group. Families provided their children with more assistance in particular literacy skills during the year prior to Kindergarten entry, as a result of their participation in this program.

These findings suggest that providing families with literacy training can improve particular literacy skills in their Pre-K and Kindergarten children that are critical to reading success.

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Schools currently participating in our Family Literacy Training™


Carbondale Area School District
Clairton City School District
Dubois Area School District
Erie Public Schools
Laurel Highlands School District
Mifflin County School District
Titusville Area School District
Wyoming Area School District


Athens City
Claymont City School District
Conotton Valley
Edison Local School District
Indian Creek School District
Parma City School District
Southern Local School District
Western Reserve Local School District