Success Stories

My little guy was all about these $10 words.  I have also used the concept of $10 words with my 6th grade students.

 – Megan, parent of 5-year-old, and 19-month-old children

The milestones have been helpful in our house because my son is starting to take great interest in learning what letters and sounds words start with. Its exciting to have two at very different stages of language development. My daughter just turned one and is starting to associate sounds with creating words, while my son is picking out letters that create words.

 – Jennifer, parent of 3 ½ and 1-year-old children

(My son) loves using his $10 words (Talk It Up! Early Language Awareness). We try to incorporate larger words into our conversations with him.

 – Kristen, parent of 3 ½-year-old child

Both of my kids are on different levels right now, but I have noticed a great improvement with both of them. They have learned all about books, what they entail as far as spine, cover, back, author, etc. They have learned sounds and words, and we are working with (my son) on writing his name. (My daughter) is already past that point. I love this program and am very excited to continue seeing their growth!  I gave (my daughter) three words that I sounded out and she spelled: mat, pat and man. She knew the sounds! She is doing excellent! The kids both did great in this module and I am very pleased with how smart they are! LOVE the program!

 – Maria, parent of 4 ½ and 3 ½-year-old children

I am excited to use and share this program with the families at our Child Development Center. So far, it seems easy to use and that is key for busy families.

 – Janet, Director at Anne Arundel Community Center Child Development Center

I have started freely using bigger words in conversations with my son. When he doesn’t know what a word means he asks and I explain it to him in terms he already knows. I noticed he has started to use bigger words when he is talking too. He is using them correctly and can give simple definitions of them.

 – Meriah, parent of 6 and 4-year-old children

We are excited to begin using this program to help prepare (my daughter) for Kindergarten in the fall of 2014. Looking forward to learning new things…

 – Christy, parent of 5-year-old, and 10-month-old children

Once we got started (using the program), my daughter would say ‘Mommy, play school.’ Seeing my daughter excited about it made me want to do the program more.

– Amber, parent of a 3-year-old child

It (Teach Me To Learn at Home®) is good. I like it because it forced me to try the activities, instead of thinking “Oh, he’s (my son) only two, he probably can’t do it.” But it made me try it with him, and I found out he can do it! He is so far ahead of the game at 3 years old now–he knows all of his letters and sounds. We actually moved him into the next class at school because he was ready to move on. He is reading words and sight words that I taught to my kindergarten students when I was teaching, and I think it is because we work with him. It’s not that he’s a genius. He’s an average kid who gets a lot of exposure at home.  My youngest son has been read to every night since he was born, and he likes the activities, even though he doesn’t realize he’s learning. His teachers say he sits at school and looks at library books for 15-20 mins every day.

– Cassie, parent of 2 children

Teach Me To Learn at Home® enables our families to strengthen their capacity as their child’s first teacher.  The online portal affords our families access to the knowledge, tools, and resources any time of day.  This gives them the ability to provide the instruction and support their child needs to enter pre-school and Kindergarten at a level playing field, equal to their peers.  By sponsoring families to use Teach Me To Learn at Home®, we can more effectively reach families and establish ourselves as the center of a learning community.

– T.C. Chappalear, Assistant Superintendent at Indian Creek