About Us

“When it comes to our children…there are no shortcuts.”

At Inspired Learning we are serious about our work, and we understand the difference between acting and talking about what needs to be done.  And there are no shortcuts to getting it done right.

Teach Me To Learn at Home, TMTLaH, be your child's first teacher

Our Vision

Our vision is every child can succeed, and we believe it.  Armed with that premise, we want to inspire families, educators, and ourselves to focus on what really matters…all children can learn.

We believe when we put the right tools in the hands of the right people, really great things happen.  The science and evidence is clear.  A lot of really smart and caring people have to work together to make our vision a reality.

Expert Moderators

Everyone needs support when they try something new.  That’s why we have a team of expert moderators to answer questions and guide families along the way.  Our expert moderators are educators with a great deal of training in literacy and early childhood development.  Many are parents who understand the busy lives of families with young children.  They stay connected with research and pass along guidance about ways to make learning work in the home.  Everyday!

We identify with our customers.  We know firsthand what it is like living in a household with young children.  That’s why we do our best to make our products simple to use, effective, and provide a return on investment for the time the parents work with their child.  Each child matters to us as much as our own, so that’s why we don’t take shortcuts. 

Teach Me To Learn at Home, TMTLaH, be your child's first teacherTeach Me To Learn at Home® was designed by using proven best practices.  The content was designed using consensus evidence as published by prominent neuroscientists, reading specialists, speech language pathologists, early childhood development, etc. The information was field tested and validated with families by the Center for Promoting Research to Practice at Lehigh University.

The technology version was field tested and continues to be studied by Lehigh. Our moderatorsand facilitators are parents AND educators(meaning they are both educators AND a parent) so they understand the practical and the science of how to get this done in the context of a busy home.  We have REAL LIVE families who have been using this information with their child for over a year who have recorded their work and included it in our family gallery.